Southern California Child Custody Attorney

NOTHING is more important than the physical and emotional health of the children in family law proceedings. Great care has to be taken to ensure that all voices and competing interests are heard so that the best decisions are made, and best parenting plan adopted, as guided by the best interests of the child. The Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak is guided by this proposition. Stephen C. Swytak will listen to you, to learn what your concerns and goals are, and represent you accordingly.

Southern California child custody attorney Stephen Swytak is a Certified Family Law Specialist who is experienced in these matters. California does not specify a minimum waiting time to move for modification of custody, visitation or related orders.

Child Custody

At the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak I will work to help you to navigate the legal system so that your concerns and the child’s needs are addressed, and so an appropriate parenting plan can be put in place. There can be no guarantees that any particular parenting plan will be installed, because the Courts and families do not function on a “one size fits all” principal. Every situation is unique and you need competent and professional representation to guide you through this process.

  • Joint Custody: both parents are involved in all aspects of the child’s life
  • Sole Custody: one parent is awarded exclusive physical and legal custody rights for the child
  • Legal Custody: the right to have a say in the major decisions (religion, schooling, medical treatment) affecting the child’s life
  • Physical Custody: where the child lives primarily

Juvenile Dependency Proceedings

When the county steps in and removes a child, you need an experienced child custody attorney to help restore your parenting rights. The Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak can provide you with the legal representation you need.

Interstate Custody

Interstate custody matters can seem even more complex but the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak is experienced in handling these types of child custody orders and modifications. The “home state” of the child will usually have control over the matter. Whether California is or is not the “home state” of the child, you should seek out competent California representation immediately so that the issues facing you can be explored and addressed. It may be necessary to seek out of state representation as well, and I can assist you in this process. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) provides the legal framework in addressing interstate custody matters involving more than one state’s jurisdiction. I can advise you on your individual circumstances.


Sometimes the parties are unable to agree upon the actual schedule of child sharing, associated transportation arrangements, and, as warranted, conditioning visitation on the presence of appropriate supervision. I can help you in addressing these issues.

Modification of Child Custody

As time passes and circumstances change it is sometimes necessary to change the visitation and/or custody arrangements of the child. The Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak will help you obtain modification of Court Order as the need arises.