Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a process when life altering decisions must be made despite the emotional turmoil. Calling the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak is the last decision you will need to make alone.

I am an experienced attorney, Stephen Swytak, certified as a specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization in the area of family law. California observes the laws governing Community Property and Separate Property. California also observes the no fault grounds for dissolution.

I strive to be accessible to you. Family Law is complicated and encompasses many other areas of law. It is critical that you have good advice as you go through this process. That way the issues you must make decisions about are fully explored and explained. My education and experience will work to your benefit so that an appropriate settlement can be attempted, and if not to your liking, present to the Court for decision.

Property Division
Marital property division is the process of dividing all the property you and your spouse have acquired during the course of the marriage (real estate, cars, jewelry, retirement accounts, vacation homes, investments, stocks, bonds, and personal property). This must now be done in a manner that the court will deem to be an equal distribution of the assets. The same process will be applied to the debt that has been acquired during the course of the marriage and it too must be divided in an equitable manner in the eyes of the courts.

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During the divorce process, the courts will also determine what amount is needed for child support. At the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak I am familiar with the California Child Support Guidelines that the courts will be using in making this determination. I will be able to estimate accurately what you can expect. In matters involving spousal support (alimony), the courts do not have guidelines in determining the amounts to be awarded. The purpose of alimony is to allow the lower earning spouse a means of support to avoid any economical downfalls. This can be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. I am familiar with what the courts are looking for in making this determination and can work with you to determine if this is a realistic expectation.

Regardless if your divorce is simple or complex, the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak is here to help you reach a resolution to the matter that will be in the best interest of not only your legal rights but also the legal rights of your family.