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I, Stephen Swytak, know that divorce, child custody, support and other family law issues can create an extreme level of emotional turmoil and financial distress for the families involved. As a certified family law specialist with 32 years of legal experience, I know that all cases are unique from the perspective of the parties. Many factors and considerations come into play in making decisions on your case. I have the knowledge, education and experience needed to help you understand the process you are going through, the options open to you, and the best course of action for you to take. You will receive professional, ethical and comprehensive legal advice and representation.

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The law and local procedure are complex and ever changing. You need competent representation to help you navigate the system effectively. As a state bar Certified Family Law Specialist Law, I will provide the representation you need.

At the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak, you will receive personalized service and experienced legal representation dealing with:

Whether you are facing a divorce, a paternity action, involvement in a domestic violence matter or other family law matter, the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak will provide the legal advice and representation which you need to properly protect your legal rights and help present your position in the most favorable light.