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Orange County Family Attorney

The Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak, will provide you with qualified and experienced family law legal representation.

As a certified family law specialist with 31 years of legal experience, I will listen to your concerns and goals and provide competent representation to help you navigate the complex system of laws and procedures which govern your situation. As a mediator and trial court attorney, I am able to work in either arena to assist you in this process.

Family law is a broad area of the law and encompasses such matters as:

Whether you are facing a divorce (dissolution of marriage), separtion, paternity action, domestic violence issues, dependency proceedings in juvenile court, guardianship proceedings or other family law related matter, the Law Office of Stephen C. Swytak is here to help you understand the legal process, plan a course of action and obtain the best resolution available under the circumstances. All matters are handled individually. You are not shuffled from attorney to attorney.  Your case is handled professionally. For a free initial consultation, contact: